Sunday, February 19, 2006

DW Resources

Here's some Data warehouse resources that I find helpful. I'm going to put this on the sidebar but until I take the time to figure that out this will have to do.

General DW information and white papers:
The Data Warehouse Information Center

The Data Warehouse Institute professional EDW organization. I am a member of this group and they put on quarterly conferences. The fall one is always in Orlando and I highly recommend that you attend if you get a chance. This is the conference I attended in Spring 2005.
The Data Warehouse Institute

There are two schools of thought in the data warehouse world. Two of the original fathers of the DW are Bill Inmon and Ralph Kimball. They have a similar goal but different approach and I'll try to write a little about their differences in a future column. For now though here's their websites. I've attended a Ralph Kimball presentation and it was very good; he's a great speaker.

The Kimball Group

Bill Inmon web site:

Inmon Data Systems

Last but not least, here's some books I highly recommend. I have all the books listed below and will be happy to discuss them if you email me. For those who attended my class you have my email but I also have an email (thedamndata) at Yahoo. Figure out the syntax!

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