Sunday, February 05, 2006

South Florida Code Camp

Yesterday I spoke at the south Florida code camp on data warehousing and SQL Server 2005. The session seemed to go well; I received a lot of positive comments and would appreciate more constructive comments (positive or negative).

I have not posted my presentation or code examples online, but if there is demand to do so I don't have a problem with it. Just leave a comment or shoot me an email (the address I gave out during the session) and I'll get them to you or post them on here.

A couple of the other presenters who spoke about SQL Server Integration Systems and SQL Server 2005 and I have agreed in principle to put together a full day track from start to finish covering databases, datawarehousing, beginning transformations, advanced transformations, and then concluding with a wrapping up session. Hopefully we can get this put together for the Tampa code camp in July 2006.

I'm also available for any questions, just drop me a line.

Thanks to the Code Camp staff for putting on an excellent event. The DeVry location was perfect and the facilities couldn't have been better. Tarpon Bend was an excellent restaurant. You guys sure know how to put on a heck of a party.

With a couple exceptions I'd do it again. First, I wouldn't stay at the Wellesley. Their pillows are thinner than my laptop. (Luckily I keep a good pillow in my truck.) I paid $126 a night for a glorified Super 8. Second, I'll try and ride down there with some people. All of my peers are very knowledgeable and generally a whole lot of fun and I would like more opportunity to speak to them in depth regarding IT issues in general.

Future (potential) speaking engagements:
Tampa Code Camp - July 2006
Jacksonville Camp - August 2006
Tallahassee Camp - Sept. 2006
B'ham (Dreamland, anyone?) - Oct 2006


Stingray said...

Hey Moman,

I had the same reservations(bad pun I know) about a hotel room at code camp but fortunately lucked out in getting a room at Bonnaventure Resort and Golden door Spa in Weston for 129.00. Not a bad room it had a HD projection set and balcony, pillows were okay also.

Did you happen to have the name of the datawarehouse reference available to post?

Again thourghly enjoyed your presentation, and wish it was a whole day.


Wes D said...

Thanks Stingray.

I'll get some books and my presentation materials up here later in the week. Two Economics tests to study for this week though first.

Sounds like you had a great hotel. I'll keep that in mind for next year.