Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tampa Code Camp

Time for the 2nd annual Tampa Code Camp. The Tampa code camp was my first code camp and I can easily recall the great time that it provided. Code camps are a professional conference, by and for the community, free for all. It is sponsored by Microsoft and contributed by other local groups. Top notch speakers from the state, region, and nation decend on Tampa on July 15 to speak at USF.

I'll be doing two sessions. The sessions are "Data for Dummies: Introduction to Data Warehousing". This session is the entry level session covering data warehouse practices and principles. The second session, "Data for Dummies Part 2: Advanced Data Warehousing" will cover intermediate and advanced data warehousing concepts including advanced data transformations, slowly changing dimensions, partitioned spaces, and some DBA tasks. It's not imperative to attend one session to receive anything from the other although they are designed to be cumulative.

For my friends (coworkers) who want to attend my session but not the entire code camp, please DO NOT register. The code camp is over 1/2 full already before the official open registration. I will let you know when and where my sessions will be held and you can attend my sessions only. If you would like to attend other sessions, please DO register. Without registration, you will be unable to attend the lunch and register for the drawings.

The code camp will be held at the University of South Florida (my future graduate alma mater) in the Business Administration building (my second home).

If I've personally invited you from out of town, drop me a line and I may (no promises) secure you an invite to the Friday night gathering. The Saturday night post-party is open to every attendee of the code camp and I will be there guaranteed. I'm always willing to chat and if you buy the beer I'll be more than happy to talk your ear off.

Here's the link to the website: Tampa Code Camp 2006

If you look through the video of the South Florida code camp on the website you might just see my presentation......

Monday, June 19, 2006

Tallahassee Code Camp Review

I have returned safely from the Tallhassee code camp. All in all it was a great weekend; here are my comments:

1) The session ("Data Warehouse Essentials") went really well. There were ~20 people in attendance. Got some great questions from the group, and if you personally requested me to mail you the materials, you will get them this week as soon as I attach my copyright and legal notice to the slides.

2) The code camp was good. A little smaller than last year, but I think all are in agreement that it should be moved back to September. Thanks to Keith Rowe and Jose Fuentes for putting on a great time. Paradise Bar was a good hangout place and I appreciated the hospitality shown by the TLH locals.

3) Thanks to Joe and Tom for being great passengers on the ride to/fro the event.

4) If you're ever in Suwanee (on U.S. 19), check out the bbq shack there. It was a great place and reminded me so much that we are in the beautiful South, better known as God's country.

5) I highly recommend a visit to the old state capitol if you're ever in Tallahassee. It is now a museum full of interesting facts about the state of FL. It doesn't hold a candle to the Missouri state capitol in beauty or size but it is a Southern building and is worth the look.

It was a successful event and thanks to all those who helped produce it and especially those who attended my session.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Come see me speak......

....at the second annual Tallahassee (FL) Code Camp on June 17, 2006. It's at Florida State University (looks like I'll be getting another hat for my hat collection) and is an all-day geeky event. Seriously, it's a professional event sponsored by Microsoft that features some of the best minds in the south giving presentations about current topics in technology. I know a lot of the presenters and it's always enjoyable socializing at the event.

My session is titled "Data Warehousing Essentials with SQL Server 2005". This session will cover historical and current trends in data warehousing, the fundamentals of building a data warehouse, and discussion of ETL (extract, transform, and load) techniques. The tool I'll be using to demonstrate the project will be the Visual Studio 2005 Business intelligence suite, also known as SSIS (SQL Server Integration Systems). I'll use SQL Server 2005 for the database as well as Oracle 10g.

Here's the link for the site to read about and register for the event: TLH Code Camp.

I'll be available at the invite-only social on Friday night as well as the open post-party on Saturday night if you have questions about data warehouse or just want to chat. I can also schedule some 1-on-1 time during the event on Saturday to talk about your specific application and answer questions. Leave me a comment and I'll email you.

Hope to see you there.