Saturday, August 26, 2006

Jacksonville Code Camp

The second annual Jacksonville code camp is August 26, 2006 in downtown Jacksonville. I didn't post this earlier because I wasn't sure of my attendance until the very last minute. A sequence of events (one is a pattern Mr. Rawls!!) transpired that made my travel to Jacksonville possible. My continuous travel has put a damper on housekeeping tasks and my session to speak was not turned in on time, but nevertheless I am giving a 75 minute session today titled "Introduction to Data Warehousing".

Tonight we will be at the Copper Cellar in Jacksonville Landings for the post-party event.

Come support our 'brothers-in-arms' in the Florida developer community at the Jacksonville code camp.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

JumpStart TV

Brian Knight of the Jacksonville developer community has created a great web site that contains instructional videos on technology topics.

I am working on an 8-part series of videos titled "Introduction to Data Warehousing". Each video is a piece in a cumulative series that gives a beginner overview of data warehousing. Each video is 10 minutes in length, and in the future I am going to create an "Advanced Data Warehousing" series. I'm also queued up some videos on SSIS, Database Performance Considerations, and other interesting data topics. Comment on anything else you would like to see.

The site is

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

SQL Server and Surrogate Keys, Part 2

Last month I posted an article on the miss by Microsoft by not including a run-time surrogate key generator in the SSIS tool suite.

I received a couple comments asking why do I not use the identity column in the SQL Server database to be the de-facto surrogate key. This is certainly a good plan of action for using the SQL Server database, but the ETL jobs I am creating require the use of an Oracle database. Thus the identity column idea is not a workable solution for Oracle.

In my realm I have created an ETL methodology that is designed to be as database agnostic as possible however there will always be a need to customize the approach to the specific situation and request of the client.