Sunday, February 18, 2007

South Florida Code Camp

Welcome to 2007. It's been a while, but I am already on the code camp circuit for the year. My first presentation was "DataWarehousing with SQL Server 2005".

I'm constantly trying to tweak my presenations and a new year equals a new start. One of my concerns is that data warehousing is a HUGE topic and there is no way I can accurately cover everything in a 50 minute timeline. For the 2006 Tampa Code camp, I tried to split data warehosuing into two sessions, beginning and advanced. In my opinion, it was not successful as I had 40 for beginning and 4 for advanced. That could either tell me that the first session was so good no one needed to go to the second, or that the first session scared the hell out of everyone.

For Miami, I gave a condensed overview of DW concepts and launched into the demonstation system courtesy of the Ralph Kimball Group ( using the demo system built in the Microsoft Data Warehouse Toolkit. ( Kimball Group has a great line of books covering data warehouses and I thought the sample system would be a great demonstation of datawarehousing. An added bonus is that the demo system is downloadable straight from the website so participants can play with it immediately.

The session went well. There were at least 80 and probably 100 people in the room at the start. I was completely blown away by the interest in the topic. Sadly, I forgot to hand out eval forms so I have only received sparse feedback on the session but some were dissapointed that I only demo a system, not build it during the demo. Trust me, I wish I had time to build a working DW from scratch but it's just not possible during 50 minue presentation. If we ever run a data camp in 2007 (something Brian Knight and I have discussed), I may have a full day track on building a DW starting with the specs and ending the day with a fully functioning system. Not a bad idea.....

So, as usual my slides are not posted online but you can contact me at thedamndata at yahoo dot com if you want to get a copy of them.

Stay tuned for Orlando.

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