Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Links on Left

I've edited my links on the left of the website to direct to local user groups and SQL resources.

In addition, I've added the links to four companies which deserve special recognition due to my positive experiences with them.

First, American Airlines. Their line is "We know why you fly"(SM). Why yes AA, you certainly do. Thank you for providing such excellent service on the flights I've been on in the past years and I look forward to many more years as an AA Platinum member. One day I hope to be a big shot CEO and you can bet my company will support AA if I have any say in the matter.

Sprint PCS - I've had Sprint phone service for 6 cumulative years. There was a dark 18 months where I used inferior service from another cell company, but the excellent coverage and pricing of Sprint plans fits right up my alley. The PPC-6700 is an excellent phone.

Dell computer - both of my computer are Dells and I've not had any problems in 5 years, 'nuff said. Amazon, good service and tech books at reasonable prices.

Hopefully I won't receive any hate mail requesting removal from my site, and I recommend everyone who reads my blog support the companies I have listed.

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