Sunday, October 21, 2007

Interesting Meetings

Hello again. I've been meaning to write some more articles, but between work and grad studies I don't have a whole lot of time for that. I would like to share the past couple weeks though because I've meet some very interesting people (in calendar order, oldest to present).

1. I stopped in at a gas station early Saturday morning for a Diet Coke. I found myself standing next to Florida Governor Charlie Crist. We had a brief discussion and he was very friendly and down to earth. I wanted to ask why they renewed the no-fault insurance laws, but being a computer guy, I hate getting asked about computer stuff outside of work, so I chose to give him the same courtesy.

2. Joe Healy invited me to attend ReMix07 in Boston, MA, held at the Hyatt Cambridge suites. As always, I chose to fly American Airlines and routed to Boston via Miami. On the flight from MIA-BOS (757), I received a first-class upgrade, where I sat next to a famous doctor from Harvard returning from a disease conference in South America. He was a really nice guy and we had a great conversation about life, economics, and the medical field. Luckily I was able to swap contact information with him and I'm hoping we'll keep in touch. I feel very lucky to be able to meet interesting people.

3. I was invited to a student luncheon with USF President Judy Genshaft. This luncheon was 6 graduate students who held a roundtable with a few deans and Ms. Genshaft. I learned a lot about the university and found her to be a fascinating person to converse with. Interestingly enough, at my undergraduate alma mater, Missouri State University, I was invited to and attended a dinner with then president John Keiser.

4. To cap off a wonderful couple week span, I was returning from San Juan, flying AA (of course) in business class, and I sat next to Alberto. Alberto is a very interesting guy who lives on a Caribbean island who I met a couple months ago when we shared a row in biz class on the same flight. Two months later, same row, same flight, same seat mate. How often does that happen? I hope to get that experience once again.

I promise my next post will be data related, but I couldn't help but share some highlights from the past two very interesting weeks.

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