Tuesday, November 06, 2007

SQL Saturday - This Weekend

Howdy folks. It's been a couple weeks since we've last talked but I wanted to remind you that SQL Saturday - Orlando is coming up this Saturday. This is going to be a SQL data-lovin' fest featuring the best and brightest minds in the area presenting talks on data. Yip, you got that right I'll be speaking, but I don't claim to be the best or brightest, I am a sucker for speaking engagements.

I will be giving two sessions - the first, at 9 AM, is "Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services", the new session that I presented in Jacksonville and Tallahassee code camps this year. This session is going to be my staple session for the 2008 code camp season, which officially kicks off in February with South Florida Code Camp IV.

The second, monster session is a full 80 minutes of data warehouse loving discussion. This session is basically the same as I presented at the past two South Florida Code Camps - "It's all about the Data: Building a Data Warehouse using SQL Server 2005". (see my archives for a detailed overview of this session). As much as I think I have saturated the state with my data warehouse talks, I continue to draw a huge crowd each time I present this session, so you will see it in all it's glory finally presented in enough time to really be able to slow down and deep dive into the material. As a note, I hoped to run some SSRS reports off my data, but grad school and Durable Impact have keep me busy enough where I did not have time to complete that portion, so boo hoo.

I'll be at the pre-party on Friday night, but I probably won't stay for Saturday night's party. I'm dying to get some camping in during the cool weather so I'll be heading out immediately after my sessions.

Sneak peak - final disucssions are underway to hold a SQL Saturday - Tampa during the winter months. Hopefully there will be something to announce this week.

Take care and happy data-ing.

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