Monday, January 14, 2008

Day of Data

Introducing my newest creation:  a SQL Server training series called the ‘Day of Data’.


DoD is a one-day conference matching the top speakers on SQL Server to attendees willing to pay a small free to acquire knowledge and get some one-on-one time with presenters.   


The idea for ‘Day of Data’ came out of my original idea of a SQL Saturday (data camp).  We have the event on Saturday in a hotel.  Speakers and attendees from out of town are staying at the hotel on Friday night, so why not have an event during the day Friday for people in the following two categories:

1.       People who work M-F but can’t attend SQL Saturday because of time constraints

2.       People who have training budget to spend on SQL Server training but contemplate the general lack of local training

3.       People who want to attend the SQL Saturday and also get a little more in-depth knowledge than a one-hour session.


The first DoD is going to be held in the DoubleTree  Westshore in Tampa.   We have two great speakers lined up: the infamous Joe Celko and also SQL BI expert Rushabh Mehta.    We’re hoping that we can get enough people to fill both of the rooms and possibly a third room with another speaker who is interested in joining for a trifecta.


The price of the event is $99.  This amount merely covers expenses.  We provide all attendees with a continental breakfast, coffee and drinks, a good plate lunch, and a snack in the afternoon.  We think this event is a great value.


Check it out at


The long range goal is to have these events at cities around the country.



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