Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Visual Studio 2008 Launch

Visual Studio 2008 is here finally!   Early reports from the battleground have a lot of people excited about the reduced level of effort.  One local company reported they thought that VS 2008 would reduce development time by 50% this year for their products.  As an economist, that’s always a good return on the money. 


I installed a copy last night at the Install party Florida.NET user group meeting.  If you want to get a free copy of VS 2008 Professional, you have the chance all week to attend some events and install the software.   There are events tonight, tomorrow, and Thursday where Joe Healy is providing copies to those who bring computers (Laptops or desktops with peripherals) to the Microsoft office in Tampa and install the software.


Check out Joe’s blog for more details:  www.devfish.net


Happy hunting.    



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