Monday, April 21, 2008

Update from Busy World

Hello folks.   It's been a while so I thought I would update on what's been happening in my life related to data warehousing.


1.  I'll be speaking at the Jacksonville SQL Saturday on May 3, 2008.  This should be a really good event and a new one for north Florida.  Durable Impact Consulting is also a sponsor of the event and is providing pens and goodie bags.


2. I've revamped my entire lineup of code camp presentations.   Now that it's up to about 7 per year, I'm consolidating all of them into the "It's all about the Data" series.  I've done this lineup at Miami and Orlando and it gets more popular every year.  This year in Miami it was a standing room only which leads me to wonder why throw away a good thing.  


3. SQL Saturday Tampa was a great success.  I had promised to write a full review of the event, but I'm just too tired so I'll paraphrase.  Logistics turned out to be a nightmare but the 220 attendees and 15 sponsors were all around pleased with the event.  I'll probably not be running the event next year - instead I am planning to run smaller, quarterly events.  The Day of Data was great, 41 attendees all had great remarks about the program.  Look for a future event soon.


4. I'm not so happy with my HP laptop anymore.  It's really fast but I've had some issues with the network connections and the battery is lucky to last 1.5 hours.  In retrospect, I should have went with the Dell Latitude line and I'm strongly considering going this way and selling the HP.  I want a computer that can go three hours on the battery.  Plus the HP gets REALLY hot.


5. Thankfully my trusty Dell is still going strong, notwithstanding the dreaded "Cannot find bootloader" message I received after a failed Windows Update last week.  I had to reformat the entire computer (and lose a few documents and pictures in the process) which took about 8 hours.   I found the best solution is to set Windows Updates to manual, and backup full to external drive before each update.  I hope this computer will last another couple years as I'm looking to buy another battery on Ebay.


6. Still haven't heard anything about the Tampa Code Camp, but I assume it will be held in July and I'm holding July 12 free for the event.  Last I heard from Keith, they were having issues getting the venue straightened out.


7.  There is a great program shaping up: the "All-Florida" Code camp to be held the weekend between the two weeks of Tech Ed (in Orlando).  I won't write the date because it's not 100%, but if this event gets off the ground it will be awesome.  Look for me to be a track leader at this event to provide another great opportunity for the community.


Thanks and stay tuned for some more posts.