Saturday, June 07, 2008

Presentation Series

For the past 2.5 years I’ve been traveling around the southeast US giving lectures on Data warehousing and ETL.   The first presentation I did was “It’s all about the Data: Building a Data Warehousing using SQL Server 2005”.  Since then I have done numerous variations of that presentation.  In addition I have done various deep dives into ETL design, architecture, and development for local organizations.   Thus, I have decided to organize my presentations into two distinct areas:   It’s all about the Data and Data in a Nutshell.

The “It’s all about the Data” series will focus on general overviews of data warehousing and ETL.   These sessions are less technical in nature and a lot of overview of the subject matter and some demonstration of data warehousing processes.    In contrast, the “Data in a Nutshell” (or DINS) series will be technical deep dives will a lot less overview and more hands on action designing and building data structures.  Some DINS talks will include DBA tasks such as permissions, replication, table design while others will strictly complement the “It’s all about the Data” series by doing technical deep dives into ETL architecture and design.

It will take a couple events to get everything lined out but I’m sure when it’s done there will be a clear delineation of the subject matter and I hope to build these two talks into must-see sessions at events around the country.


Thanks again for your support and I welcome any comments. 

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