Friday, July 25, 2008

DataStage 8 New Features

I have recently taken a good look at the IBM WebSphere DataStage version 8 product offering. v8 has a very tight integration with WebSphere product and is the first true IBM iteration of the previous Ascential toolsuite and it shows. Installation on a Windows 2003 Server product was a really painful process. First, I read the entire manual which has a lot of steps to create users and set permissions on files and folders. Then I installed the software and had repeated failures when configuring the WebSphere product. The installation was failing for unknown reasons, and each time I would have to remove DB2 and WebSphere and restart the process. Finally I was able to successfully complete installation and get the software running.

v8 installs both DB2 and Websphere server but it's possible to use SQL Server or Oracle for the MetaData server instance. DB2 is not a bad database for those who haven't used it but there are definately some quirks (especially with dates and times) for those used to the other platforms. For right now I am using v8 with DB2 to keep things simple, but I will demonstrate the v8 platform using SQL Server, DB2, and Oracle as the MetaData repository to test the performance of each platform.

After I finally got the software installed and rebooted the machine in preparations to prepare screen shots for this blog, I was unable to get the WebSphere server running which means I cannot log into the Information Server portal. Once I troubleshoot this issue I'll post a fix, as I suspect I'm not the only person to have this problem.

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Kishore said...

Hi i am also facing same problem for installation and configuration the version8 on windows 2003 server . really it is very painful process.. could you please post the steps or screen shots for the installation