Saturday, July 26, 2008

Laptop as primary work computer?

Today I'll diverge a bit from talking about software and discuss hardware and a topic that everyone as a strong opinion about. Does a laptop suffice as a primary work computer for us techies?

For my situation the answer is yes, but. Yes, but includes a nice external widescreen LCD monitor and extrenal keyboard and mouse for the house. My personal config is a 24" Dell LCD and ideally when I get a bigger desk I'll get a second 24" LCD, but two monitors might be problematic with laptops that generally have one VGA out. Some of the nicer laptops have VGA and DVI, but more on that later.

I prefer to use laptops because * ding ding ding * I bet you can guess the answer - they are portable. The newer generation of laptops are sufficiently powerful to run every piece of software that I need to run and it keeps me from having a server stack in my office, which is good because I sold them all last year.

This topic came up today because I am looking for another DTR laptop (dtr = desktop replacement). My choices are the Dell Studio line and the HP dv7t. I'm not overly excited about either one of them because they cut a lot of important things like DVI output and high end speakers and removed the option for mattee screens which is a nice option in an office setting. I don't buy the business machines because they do not offer a 17" screen for whatever reason.

My ultimate goal is to have two laptops set up to be ready to go at any time ....1 set up with the Microsoft BI suite and another set up with the IBM BI suite. Once I choose a computer and get them setup I will write a review about it.

Do you use a laptop in place of a desktop?

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NIkita Polyakov said...

Some docks, like DELL ones, offer two video ports, even if laptop does not offer one.