Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Code Camps vs. SQL Saturday

I had a good conversation with our developer evangalist (Joe Healy) the other day, and he mentioned that SQL content is way down at code camps due to the pull of SQL Saturday. As I was preparing my latest presentation for this weekend, I felt a little excited. I then began to wonder why I was excited to prepare slide decks, and realized that I hadn't given a talk since May, and I've only done four this whole year (February, March, May, and October.). Feb. was in Miami, and May in Jacksonville, and March and October in Orlando.  . In 2006 and 2007 I did 7-8 talks per year, so either people are getting tired of hearing me talk, or I am not getting out as much as I used to.

After a few minutes of thought, it dawned on me that Tampa code camp was moved to December, and I missed Jacksonville and Tallahassee due to traveling to client sites. So the problem is not that I'm doing less, it's just that I'm doing different things. I would definately rather work and make money than give talks for free, but I do get a great return of satisfaction having passed on some knowledge at these events.

Going back to Joe's comment, he is correct that as the events have pretty much split in two, there is less database content at Code camps. I begged and pleaded with Keith to give me a SQL track at Tampa code camp a few years ago, and while we had a good representation, there was never the content flow that I think would be an awesome winner. I'm hoping to keep some sort of presence for the code campers who want to know database stuff but don't know or aren't interested in it enough to go to a SQL Saturday.

As I learned when I was a kid, if you can't find a road, make one.    Keep your eyes tuned to the upcoming 'Day of Data' event.  


Andy Warren said...

Wes, that's interesting, and not necessarily good - could make the chasm wider betweek developer and DBA instead of narrower. At the same time, I don't want to host pure .Net stuff at a SQL Saturday, so what's fair to ask of the Code Camp crew?

I'll have to think on it some!

Joe Healy said...

I like the division. Give me two cool sets of events to play with. But I'd support Oracle plus .net at a codecamp. The same way we should support .net plus sql server at a sql saturday. I'd anticipate some SSDS cloud talks in Tampa from me if the slots are open.