Monday, October 20, 2008

Installing SQL Server 2008

I recently installed my first version of SQL Server 2008. I used the Enterprise edition and installed on on Windows Server 2003 running in a VPC. This is certainly not the ideal setup for any kind of benchmark analysis, but it was a good experience.

The installation proceeded very easily. I first had to install the .NET 3.5 Framework, reboot the machine, and start the full installation. I chose to do Windows authentication and set everything to be default and the same user accounts. This is not a good practice for production environment, but if my laptop is considered a full-scale production center, consider me guilty.

Having done a 'select all' on the components, it took just over 1 hour for the full software to load, but I was very pleased to see all the services come up without so much as a reboot. I've been playing around all night with Change data capture (CDC for short) so I hope to write about it soon.

We're up an running, and that's a start.

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