Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Degree Complete, Now What?

Those who have followed me know that I've been completing a Master's degree in Economics for the past couple of years. I had to study at a slower pace due to job demands, and I'm pleased to announce that I received my diploma this past weekend, so your's truly for now is done with schoolwork.

A common question I receieve is "What are you doing to do with a Master's in Economics?" It's a good question as I primarily work with computers. I considered getting a M.S. in MIS, but thought this would be too redundant. I wanted to go the econ route because it's always interested me, I can shift in that direction with my career one day, and studying econ gives a very good understanding of the vagaries of the economy which affect every single one of us. Working with data, it's also given me a huge leg up with regards to efficiency and understanding business practices of the clients I work with. I was told that my degree had been shopped to a client considering a large data warehouse project because they wanted someone with both datawarehousing and analytical experience, and the degree became the differentiator that put me in a strong competitive position.

In short, it's like having a quiver full of arrows and I just added an additional arrow. Short term benefits are limited to the extra money I can make with the education, but long term benefits are unlimited. I'm glad I did it.

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Andy W said...

Wes, congratulations on finishing your degree!