Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sprint Phone Comparison

I thought that today I could write a bit about cell phones. I prefer to use PDA phones since it's easiest to keep up with the business from these phones with respect to emails and such, and to disappoint a few, no I do not use an iPhone nor have any plans to get one.

I was using a Sprint 6700 until August of last year, when it failed me on a business trip. Dealing with refurbished models isn't something I enjoy, so I bought a Sprint Mogul brand new off Ebay. The Mogul was a good phone, I really liked it but it had issues with memory management. The phone would also shut off at random times, leading to missed calls and interrupted calls. I downloaded all the software updates but still ended up doing a hard reset on a daily basis. As a last ditch effort, I found a custom WM6.5 rom on the internet and loaded it on the phone. I must say that WM6.5 is a great software update and I can't wait for the official release, but it was too much for the Mogul to handle, and required twice daily hard resets to clear the memory.

Sprint offered to upgrade me to a Touch Pro, the newest line in PDA phones they offer. Because the price was right, I elected to try this. It meant that I had to turn in my Mogul though, as it was an exchange. My first thoughts of the Touch Pro is that the screen is beautiful, lots of resolution, but i miss the wide stance of the 6700 and Mogul. The Touch Pro is a little thinner, more the size of a traditional cell phone, but I have become used to the wider phones and that has taken some getting used to. The functionality is flawless, the phone works, email works, and it has plenty of memory which is much appreciated. The form of the phone seems fragile though, I can't help but think that one drop and it's toast.

For now, I'm pleased to have a phone that works, but I find myself missing the Mogul. I just found a Wm6.5 rom for it so I'll do my own software update and try to give this one a month to see if my satisfaction improves. If not, it will be back on Ebay and I'll move to something else.

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