Friday, March 12, 2010

The Damn Data is Going Away....but not yet

What a fun four years it has been. Last year I started a new push for the website ( and installed forums and whitepapers but it became a full time job to keep the spam, porn, and Rx peddlers off the forums and I ended up shutting them down for a while. The best mistake I made was trying to check the website from my computer while connected into the client's network. It was an honest mistake but a valuable one. The dreaded words "Blocked" came from the proxy server. The browser had a message that it was inappropriate material for a work machine. I had been wondering why it was so difficult to get some more traffic to the site and it suddenly dawned on me that while the name is a little catchy, it's probably not appropriate from a corporate standpoint. I have a new name, a new website, and while this blog address will stay the same for now, you'll soon see the results of a rebranding for the blog and web portion.

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