Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Windows Phone 7 has landed

Hello all, in my last post I spoke about wanting to get a Windows phone badly after suffering a year of Android. Suffering is a word I use lightly, it was never "that" bad, but after a year of app-centric software, I was really missing my WinMo phone. I even went so far as to get out my old HTC Touch Pro and carry it around a week to see if I could be comfortable with it, and sadly, while I loved the software, I did not like the phone itself so I chose to ride out the wait. Well, the wait is over.

Last week I picked up the LG Quantum. It's the only Windows Phone 7 device with a slider keyboard, reminicent of my PPC-6700. Matter of fact, it reminds me a lot of that good ol 6700 in form and function, and that's a good thing. So while I'll do a full review, let's first start by looking at my requirements for a Windows phone:
- Ability to sync with Outlook/Hotmail
- Ability to sync Calendar/Tasks
- Windows Media Player
- Decent internet browser

The WP7 platform does all of these except one. Tasks. Tasks are sorely missing from the O/S but I have faith that Microsoft is planning to add in this feature at some point. I've also learned to use the Zune software to sync the phone, and while I've never had a iPhone, it does seem like a knockoff in functionality ported from Apple.

The user interface is great and a welcome relief from the app buttons of Android. I find the entire phone and features to be a breath of fresh air that will only get better with time.

Some features I hope that MSFT includes in WP7:
- Tethering via bluetooth
- Tasks sync
- Additional SD Micro card storage
- Bing Maps with Navigation

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J o h n H u s s a i n said...

Hey Wes -

Like your little blog - found each entry quite interesting, lively & rather informative with a subtle touch of wry humor.

Congrats on your Win 7 phone; appears you were up late playing with the new toy! I especially enjoyed your WIndows/Android observations & agree with your choice for what it's worth.

Been looking for a new phone, got the myTouch 4G & although it's a great phone with a 'robust' OS, glad I did not keep it. In my view, the publicity on the newer 'hot' Android apps, OS & browser (hence popularity?) far surpasses that of the WinMo interface which has tremendous potential & will continue to evolve.

In the interim, it depends on which side of the fence the user Hatfields & McCoys, Boeing vs Airbus, Mainframe vs Unix, Pepsi/Coke, BK/McD....

All the best & keep it up!