Sunday, January 09, 2011

Using Windows Tools to Maximize Productivity

One of the most important things for consultants to do is to maximize their time. Fortunately, there are a number of tools available to assist in this endeavor. I'm specifically focusing on Microsoft tools, namely Windows Phone and associated services to get more done in less time.

Smart phones have really taken off. Of course, some of us have been using "smart" phones long before Apple came along and took credit for inventing it.

Here's a list of three Windows tools that can be used to maximize productivity:

Windows Phone - Syncs with Hotmail, Hotmail calendar, and can use Outlook connector to sync with Outlook on a desktop. Use Zune software to sync up podcasts and music.

Windows SkyDrive - Upload your documents and photos to this secure online storage area, where they can be accessed from your WP or any internet-connected computer. This is a lifesaver when needing to access business documents on a client site or to edit using the WP.

Office Online - Last but not least, the ability to create, edit, and save Office documents on computers without the client software is huge. Office online doesn't have the full functionality of the client tools but it's enough for basic documents and has saved me more than once.

I hope you consider using these tools to become more productive. They are all available for low or no cost and provide high return on time.

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