Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Picking the right laptop

Another topic back on the laptops, and I hope this will be my last for a while. Earlier this year I decided to pick up a MacBook Air to use when traveling. It's the lightest full laptop on the market and the size is a dream. The problems began quickly - first, I had to spend sometime installing BootCamp and setting up Windows 7 on it with all my software, as most macOS programs are useless for what I do. The problem I had with the laptop was the glossy screen - after just 30 minutes of use, I couldn't see well the rest of the day with severe eye strain. After a couple weeks I put it in the closet and a quick Bing search revealed that the exact same problems had been noted by others as well. I let a friend borrow it a few weeks who didn't have any issues, so just guessing my eyes are a little sensitive and the Apple store said it's perfect, so I resold it and decided to move back to my second choice, a Lenovo ThinkPad.

I finally decided on a ThinkPad T420s. It's a full machine with a 14" screen, which is only 1 lb more than the MBA, with all the features of a laptop (DVD rom, removable battery, anti-glare screen, great screen resolution). Crucial provided me an additional 4GB of ram, so now I'm running a 8 GB ram machine that's a dream to carry and can natively run all the programs that I need. The Lenovo cost the same amount as the MBA so that's a double win. So to anyone who is contemplating a thin, light 14" laptop, I highly recommend checking out the Lenovo lineup.

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